After breast cancer at 38 - Changed What's on my Plate


The Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) Program at Boston Children's Hospital is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to treating children who are overweight or obese, and/or those with or at risk for type 2 diabetes. 

Special Report: America's Antibiotic Crisis

Chillin' Chili

New England

Pot Roast


Dairy Free Recipes - for the cooler months 

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When I experienced breast cancer over 14 years ago, I discovered the question: why is the breast cancer rate in rural China 11:100,000 and the U.S. 1:8* during a woman's lifetime? Huh? Women in China don't get breast cancer? Meanwhile, we're walking all over the planet and still "no cure?"

I discovered many resources that pointed to America's "diet of diseases", and became passionate on spreading the word in a humorous and engaging dialogue. I believe that by changing “what’s on my plate” made a difference for my health (and I thought was eating healthy).  ​

Please find below a vast array of resources and hope you will find this page useful. Please visit often and we'd love to hear "What's Changed on Your Plate".

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Brazilian Fish Stew


Butternut Squash


with Savory Sage