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When I experienced breast cancer at the age of 38, I was told by my treatment team/oncologist to seek a second if not a third opinion on the course of my treatment.  For that I am truly grateful because it began my journey in to "America's Diseases of Affluence."

My passion became to spread the word in a humorous and engaging dialogue and believe I'm living proof that changing “What’s on My Plate” made a difference for me and my health (actually thought I WAS eating healthy).  When discussing treatments discovered the book: Your Life In Your Hands - Understand, Prevent and Overcome Breast Cancer by Dr. Jane Plant, a five time breast cancer survivor that was been given only months to live with her last diagnosis and wish the book on every cancer library shelf. ​ 

When others began to share their stories of America's diet of diseases the idea of  The SuperMom101 Cooking Show was created.   Each episodes features guests that reveal “What's Changed on their Plates,” we share household tips, whip up dairy-free, quick and easy recipes that the whole family (from toddlers to teens) will enjoy and essential resources for healthier living. (After my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and discovering the book: Your Life in Your Hands - Understand, Prevent and Overcome Breast Cancer - ​gave up all dairy because the tumor was hormone receptive.) ​

On a side note: after being diagnosed with the breast cancer with three young children, I rediscovered drawing and painting.  I believe that one's reality is shaped by one's perspective of life, and in an effort to control my own reality of endless tests, I began my journey into perspective drawing, painting and photography.   Here's a link to my most recent work:

My credentials include three children that are fairly picky eaters and a rescue dog.   

Recently I was stopped by a viewer who said, “I really enjoyed the Portobello mushrooms!”  To which I replied, “Huh?” And the viewer continued, “. . . the recipe you had on the show!”  My true “taste test” is not my children but numerous church potlucks and team dinners: if the container doesn’t return home empty, the dish is a flop. ​

For more than five years, I've blogged about all the positive changes that are happening in America’s Food Supply dialogue and hope to finally roll out the cookbook.  Hope you'll join me in discussing What's Changed on Your Plate?

Best health always,

p.s. The name "SuperMom101" was created by a few freshman teenagers that were poking fun at being "beginner" or superheroes-in-training.

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